CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Inventus Group believe that we all have to take responsibility for our surroundings and society in a sustainable way. Which is why we have a formal corporate strategy in regards to corporate responsibility. CSR is an abbreviation for corporate social responsibility and is like a self regulated guideline that can be written within company guidelines. CSR strategies encourage the company to positively impact the environment and stakeholders, including consumers, employees, investors, communities and others.

We believe in CSR

We feel businesses should care about the environment, keep a high ethical standard and generally follow the international norms within sustainability.  We strive to be environmental and social responsible, and always make sure our business has a minimal impact on the environment. We also support charities that helps children and people with severe illness.

Sustainable business

Renewed IT equipment is the core of our company and in cooperation with us, we ensure that your company’s old IT equipment is either resold for use or disposed in a sustainable manner. This means that your IT equipment will not end up in a landfill where it will pollut the soil thus why your company will have reduce the environmental impact.

A trusted company

Collaborate with us and you can expect a reliable partner who appreciate good business relationships. We value and are committed to a long-term partnership that are beneficial for both of us. We deliver high quality products that are competitive in pricing, with on time delivery. We do our utmost to handle your equipment with respect and confidentiality.

Social responsibility

We support UNICEF because we believe in their core message that all children have the right to be healthy and safe. We support Danish Cancer Society because 1 out of 3 Danes get cancer at one or another point in their lives and 2 out of 3 have a family member with cancer. We enjoy sport so we support our local football team AGF Aarhus.

A positive image

To have a positive image as a business partner, and in terms of CSR, is very important to us. That is why our CSR strategy contains conditions that i to be considered when doing business. We at Inventus Group are not satisfied with our work if you are not satisfied, we strive to be a reliable and long termed partner.