Asset Recovery

Let us maximize the value of your unused or end-of-life inventory

Server & Storage

We have extensive knowledge and stock on server and storage products

Professional Service

We keep you informed on the whole process, and strive to be effective and fast

New Profile

Inventus Group has undergone something of a quiet revolution. While we are still the same company at heart, the Group has experienced important change.

Naturally, growing revenue and strengthened market position have led to an increase in our staff capability. However, the essence of our revolution does not lie in new technologies or higher turnover but in the fact that we have matured into a fully fledged market player, capable and willing to assume greater responsibility.

In practical terms, this means we are able to deliver a great deal more.

Same reliable products and service

While Inventus group continually strives to hone its knowledge and expertise, the mainstay of our business offering remains the buying and selling of new and used computer equipment worldwide, specifically IBM.

Similarly, our core values of quality, professional consultancy, competitive pricing and on-time delivery remain unchanged, as do our reliable service and products.

At Inventus group, we are committed to long-term relationships that benefit all parties concerned. To pursue this goal, we operate from modern facilities in Aarhus, Denmark which comprise sales, engineering and technical support departments.