Meet the team

Inventus Group was founded in 2004 by Mikkel Linneberg and Jesper Mikkelsen. Even though they are the bosses, our team is more like a family! In 2012, we build our own company house, Inventus House, that gave us the opportunity to have more space in the warehouse and in the office for our new colleagues.

Line has been keeping the books for more than 10 years. If you have any questions related to payments give her a call. Daniel and William joined Inventus Group in 2014. They have a total of 20 years combined experience in Danish retail and brought new and fresh ideas to the team and helped continue our growth. They were quick to learn the industry and continue to gather experience to their portfolio. In July 2019 they entered into the leadership of the company! Our latest recruit is Carlos who has a background in warehouse management and supply chain. He makes sure our warehouse is up to date and that your order is packed to perfection.

We all have different skills, interests, and experiences, but we have found a way to combine them to maximize our business and relationship with our partners. Down below are our contact details. Give us a call or send us an e-mail if you are looking to sell your company’s used IT equipment or if you are looking to buy.

Mikkel Linneberg
Mikkel LinnebergSales Manager, Partner
Phone: +45 87 400 203
William Pham
William PhamSenior Account Executive, Partner
Phone: +45 87 400 206
Daniel Buje
Daniel BujeSenior Account Executive, Partner
Phone: +45 87 400 205
Line Rostgaard Jørgensen
Line Rostgaard JørgensenAccounts Payable & Receivable, Finance
Phone: +45 87 400 204
Carlos Winther
Carlos WintherLogistics & Warehouse
Phone: +45 87 400 208