Value Added Reseller

Inventus Group specializes in adding functions and services to existing IT equipment. We are therefore what is called a “Value Added Reseller”. This means that we add value to a product before we sell it on.

At Inventus Group, we work closely with both local and global distributors. Our experience and time in the business have ensured that we are very hands-on and have a large network of long-time business partners around the world. We use this network both for sourcing the IT equipment you seek and to sell your functional used IT equipment.


Are you in the broker industry?

If your company is in the broker business as well, we can help you sell any products you may have in your permanent warehouse. Because of our long time in the business, we have a strong network of the world’s IT brokers, and we can, therefore, offer a unique service.

We hope that you choose to collaborate with us when you need to phase out your old IT equipment or if you are looking to upgrade – used or new.