Collaborate with us

When you collaborate with Inventus Group about selling your company’s used IT equipment, you are guaranteed a professional and reliable business partner. We value our relationship with customers and always strive to deliver a top-quality service.


Phase 1 | Clarification & Partnership agreement

The first step is to determine if your used IT equipment is suitable for reselling. If your devices are suitable for reselling we make a formal agreement, where Inventus Group A/S will find a potential buyer for this equipment.

Phase 2 | Register & test – Delete data – Documentation

When we succeeded, we agree on the price, shipping costs, and the pick-up date. We will also agree to terms if for any reason your equipment is not functional or has cosmetic damages. Once the agreement is made, we will pick up your equipment.

Phase 3 | Disposing of non-functional equipment

When the used IT equipment arrives at our warehouse, we register and test your IT equipment. If you haven’t erased your data, we will securely delete all data on the devices and create a documentation report for the data erasure, for an additional fee.

If for some reason the equipment or parts of it are non-functional we will dispose of it in a sustainable way with a minimal environmental impact.

Phase 4 | Reselling functional equipment

The cleaned used IT equipment will then be shipped to the final buyer of the equipment. When they receive the lot, they will have a small period of time to go through the equipment, in order to check whether or not everything is in accordance.

Phase 5 | Settle account

The final phase is settling our agreement. This means that we will be going through our agreement step by step, to make sure that everything has been followed to the letter.

Let’s collaborate!